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MCLE Attorney Training  

Alcohol Presentation 


LCA's presentation titled "Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol testing" explores the definition of dependence and ways to test for alcohol. Also discussed is how electronic monitoring technologies (Home Detention with Continuous Alcohol Monitoring) can help participants stay focused on behavior change, by giving them more opportunity to access appropriate outpatient treatment, court ordered DUI classes, AA and other treatment-- while satisfying some (or all) of their jail exposure and other sentencing conditions (including abstinence from alcohol) while keeping their jobs and their families intact.

LCA offers Continuing Legal Education to attorneys: 

  • Alcohol Misuse and Alcohol Monitoring

  • Electronic Monitoring and Technology


Electronic Monitoring Presentation 

Jails and prisons are at capacity while alternative sentencing options are underutilized. Typically the participant pays their monitoring costs resulting in cost savings to the community. There is less supervision required for the courts and law enforcement when technology is used. Participants are free to work, get treatment, keep their families together, and avoid the stigma that accompanies a jail sentence.

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