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Case Management: LCAPlus Advantage

LCA provides individualized case management.  

We get involved and stay invested  through every phase, with every client.

This is the LCAPlus Advantage

This involvement allows LCA to take a holistic approach to each case, doing more than simply putting a bracelet on clients and monitoring their compliance in the community.

We help determine the most effective programs, and set up the right monitoring and reporting system to change clients behavior while helping to maintain public safety. Then, we go beyond just relying on computer-generated reports and add the LCAPlus service to include:

  • Actionable reports based on detailed analysis

  • Evidence-based, informed and reliable program recommendations

  • Regularly scheduled face-to-face participant meetings to monitor progress and promote success

  • Proven approaches to substance abuse and behavioral change

  • Ongoing court appearances and support

  • Consultation through every phase, through every case

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