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Community-based Diversion and Re-Entry Programs

LCA partners with criminal justice and government agencies worldwide to help develop, manage, and operate community-based programs, which enhance public safety and accountability. We have highly-trained, experienced staff available to help identify alternatives to incarceration. Our programs are effective for:

  • Criminal and Family Courts

  • Sheriff Departments

  • Probation Departments

  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Treatment Centers

  • Veterans and Specialty Courts

  • Regional Centers

Developing the Right Solution for Your Needs

Our executives and regional staff are available to consult with government and private organizations on all community-based criminal justice solutions, including:

  • Realignment Solutions

  • Electronic Monitoring

  • Diversion Programs

  • Residential and Non-Residential Programs

  • Re-Entry

  • Employment Programs

  • Pre-release Programs

LCA’s team is uniquely qualified to address issues of:

  • Developing individualized “one stop” treatment centers

  • Technology options

  • Strategies to develop effective, successful programs

  • Ensuring program success through comprehensive case management

  • Financial benefits of utilizing electronic monitoring programs

  • Social impact of electronic monitoring programs

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