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Alcohol Monitoring

Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with SCRAM is based on more than 70 years of research and 22 peer-reviewed studies. Currently used in thousands of courts across 49 states, CAM is broadly accepted as an integral part of alcohol monitoring programs across the country. LCA has provided effective continuous alcohol monitoring programs (CAM) for thousands of arrested
drunk drivers throughout California, both pretrial and sentenced since 2003.

CAM is the only reliable method to determine if participant is using alcohol.

How does Alcohol Monitoring work?

LCA's continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) programs test for alcohol
every 30 minutes, using the same proven technology as a breathalyzer.

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

• Data is stored in the bracelet and uploaded daily to a secure monitoring center.
• Data is analyzed and reviewed for drinking events and equipment tampering.
• Reports are emailed or faxed to the court, attorneys and probation.

When to use Alcohol Monitoring ?

  • Pretrial Supervision and Assessment

  • Delayed Entry of Judgment

  • Suspended or Condition of Sentence

  • Intensive Probation and Parole Supervision

  • Condition of Bail

  • Veteran’s/Drug/Specialty Courts

  • Family Court, Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol-related Cases

  • Graduated Release from Residential Programs or Supplement to Outpatient Treatment

Why Order alcohol Monitoring?

CAM programs increase sentencing options and enable courts to:

  • Increase public safety

  • Address addiction, a core cause of recidivism

  • Enhance supervision for pretrial, summary court and banked probation cases

  • Allow participants to maintain employment and support their families, while being accountable

  • Utilize evidence-informed practices

  • Demonstrate compliance and modified behavior

  • Provide timely and single-source evidence of compliance with alcohol abstinence and curfew orders


ALL in ONE option: CAM + Home Detention in ONE  bracelet

CAM can be combined with the Home Detention feature for both alcohol use and curfew compliance. This dual program uses an all-in-one bracelet, and allows credit for time served.

Portable Alcohol Monitoring with SL2

SL2 is the first handheld mobile breath device to provide discreet remote alcohol monitoring.The automated platform simplifies the monitoring process and offers customization to fit any program needs with the following innovations:

  • Small mobile device with GPS locator and long five day battery life.

  • Evidentiary-grade deep lung, Dart fuel cell.

  • Quality color photo ability with infrared enhancement.

  • Ability for participants to test at any time, at their current location.

  • Measures the exact Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) from the participant being tested.

  • Testing can be random, scheduled and on-demand.

  • Cellphone reminders and alerts are sent to the participant via email or text.

  • At every test, a GPS location point is taken.

LCA’s SL2 programs are ideal for Law Enforcement agencies managing cases with people who can safely serve their time in the community.

LCA has provided effective continuous alcohol monitoring programs (CAM) for hardcore drunk drivers in Riverside County California leading to amazing results:

During the first 2 years following program completion - 9 out of 10 participants had no DUI's

During the first 6 years following program completion - 8 out of 10 participants had no DUI's

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