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House Arrest

LCA offers home detention services using the SuperCom PureSecurity tracking platform. The platform provides innovative, real-time Electronic Monitoring (EM) and tracking solutions for criminal justice agencies. The House Arrest system is based on SuperCom's PureMonitor cloud-based software and includes the PureOne tracking bracelet and allows pairing with the PureCom and the PureBeacon device.


The PureCom RF base station brings new features and functionalities

to your house arrest programs.


  • Smart LCD screen

  • Fingerprint ID verification

  • Two way communications via text and voice

  • Cell, landline, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

  • Streamlined field installation

  • 72-hour battery backup

  • Dual SIM for broader coverage

  • Onboard GPS tracking

  • Supports PureOne bracelets




PureOne is a best-of-breed one-piece tracking bracelet designed for continuous location tracking of offenders both indoors and outdoors.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic, and hypoallergenic

  • Waterproof and dustproof

  • LTE cellular communication

  • GNSS, Cell-Tower and Wi-Fi location tracking

  • Over 48 hours of battery life on a single charge

  • Rapid charging via a mobile charger

  • Configurable location sampling frequency and data transmission intervals

  • On-board zone and schedule validation

  • Multiple tamper detection mechanisms

  • Advanced software & hardware security features

  • Tool-free installation



The PureBeacon is a secure RF device designed to provide indoor surveillance of offenders when GPS is not suitable.


  • 4 year battery life - no charging required

  • Encrypted RF protocol

  • Bluetooth support

  • Proximity and case tamper detection

  • Expand range via mesh network

  • Lightweight - 0.6 oz.



PureMonitor is SuperCom’s cloud-based software designed to deliver

the information you need when and where you need it. You can quickly navigate through the intuitive interface to set schedules, generate reports, review tracking information and run your program efficiently and effectively. 


  • Fast and highly secure, designed for public safety performance

  • Advanced tracking capabilities and smart routes

  • Integrated monitoring center

  • Optimized mobile interface

  • Flexible reporting and analytics

  • Unparalleled integration and customization ability

  • Browser agnostic

perfect_screenshot_v3-3-removebg-preview (1).png

Once a court or agency determines the intensity and parameters of an Electronic Monitoring program, LCA customizes a program to help ensure compliance and success.

PureSecurity Benefits


The PureSecurity house arrest solution has different benefits, among them:

  • Reduces house visits to a minimum

  • Increases participant's accountability via persistent schedule reminders and enhanced communication

  • Provides timely and accurate evidence of compliance with court conditions including stay away orders, stay-in zones and curfews

  • Enhances supervision for summary court probation cases

  • Immediate access to participants 24/7

  • Over 48 hours of battery life on a single charge



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