Program Services for Courts

Courts utilize LCA’s services for both pre-trial and sentenced individuals. LCA monitors sentenced individuals serving their time on electronic monitoring in lieu of jail. They are permitted to work or attend school which enables them to provide for their families, pay restitution and court costs, receive treatment and other programming, all while remaining accountable and impacting public safety. For un-sentenced individuals LCA provides pretrial monitoring with or without bail or as a condition of bail.

LCA provides monitoring of court and probation conditions such as:

  • Abstinence from alcohol and other substances

  • Attendance at treatment or other required programming

  • Curfews and stay away orders

Our unique combination of customized monitoring solutions with individualized case management helps create change in participants. Case managers meet with participants regularly:

  • Verify court approved activities such as employment, court and attorney visits, and medical appointments

  • Refer participants to employment or treatment

  • Perform substance abuse testing

  • Fee collection

  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting

When sentenced or pretrial individuals live out of the county where the offense occured, or are denied by the County Correctional Administrator, LCA provides services to these individuals at their expense in their county of residence, saving countless taxpayer dollars.

Our 24-hour Monitoring Center assures participant compliance with schedules; monitors inclusion and exclusion zones and stay away orders, in addition to troubleshooting equipment issues and notifies appropriate agencies of any violations.

Veteran's and other Specialty Courts 

Specialty Courts are problem-solving courts that help break the cycle of drug and/or alcohol addiction that can influence adult criminal activity, juvenile delinquent behavior, or parental abuse and/or neglect of children. LCA offers services to a variety of Specialty Courts

throughout California.

Our outcomes for Veteran's Court programs have been extremely positive, designed to meet the needs of veterans who have gotten in trouble with the law, or have substance abuse and mental health issues. A growing number of counties in California have set up special courts for veterans that favor treatment over punishment. Currently LCA offers Continuous Alcohol Monitoring pilot programs for Veterans Courts in several California counties. LCA provides these services at special discounted rates to ensure that no one is refused service because of inability to pay.