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SuperCom GPS Tracking

LCA offers GPS tracking services using the SuperCom PureSecurity tracking platform. The platform provides innovative, real-time Electronic Monitoring (EM) and tracking solutions for criminal justice agencies. The GPS offender tracking system is based on SuperCom's PureMonitor cloud-based software and includes the PureTrack smartphone device, and the PureOne  tracking bracelet using the latest advancements in location and communication technologies. The PureOne is a future proof device that delivers state of the art performance and highly accurate tracking.



PureTrack leverages smartphone technology to provide the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform.


  • GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi location tracking

  • RF teethering via Bluetooth

  • Supports GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi communications

  • Calendar management

  • Persistent participant term notifications and reminders

  • Smartphone voice, text, email, video communications

  • Bio-identification - facial recognition, fingerprint, voice




PureOne is a highly secure best-of-breed one-piece tracking bracelet for continuous tracking across the complete spectrum of the PureSecurity Suite.


  • Encrypted Bluetooth communication

  • LTE cellular communication

  • Easy / tool-free installation

  • Rapid charging via mobile charger

  • 2-year battery life

  • Advanced software and hardware security features

  • Strap, case and motion tamper detection

  • Sound and vibration indications

  • Extremely lightweight, ergonomic, hypoallergenic  



PureMonitor is SuperCom’s cloud-based software designed to deliver

the information you need when and where you need it. You can quickly navigate through the intuitive interface to set schedules, generate reports, review tracking information and run your program efficiently and effectively. 


  • Fast and highly secure, designed for public safety performance

  • Advanced tracking capabilities and smart routes

  • Integrated monitoring center

  • Optimized mobile interface

  • Flexible reporting and analytics

  • Unparalleled integration and customization ability

  • Browser agnostic

The unique combination of customized monitoring solutions, with individualized case
management, helps create change in participants while offering a secure solution for criminal and family court cases, parolees and probationers:

• 24/7 monitoring
• Remote equipment analysis and diagnostics
• Alerts for zone and curfew violations, strap tampers, or other non-compliant behaviors
• Increased tracking frequency if a participant violates inclusion or exclusion zone restrictions
• Detailed documentation
• Ongoing technical support
• Fee collection
• Referrals to employment and treatment services

PureSecurity Benefits


The PureSecurity GPS tracking solution has different benefits, among them:

  • Improves participant accountability in the community

  • Provides timely and accurate evidence of compliance with court conditions including stay away orders, inclusion zones and curfews

  • Enhances supervision for summary court probation cases

  • Immediate access to participants 24/7

  • Creates more positive outcomes for Mental Health, Homeless, and Juvenile cases with smartphone and bracelet. 

  • Zone alerts, calendar management, medication and appointment reminders

  • Can provide Smartphone incentives – giving participants more access to phone features including, Internet, texts and calls

  • No charging of bracelet



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