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Electronic Monitoring Services for Attorneys

LCA has extensive experience with justice involved individuals and is able to share pertinent information about the availability of programs in different jurisdictions in addition to consulting with attorneys on sentencing alternatives. 


LCA offers various electronic monitoring programs for both pretrial and sentenced individuals. LCA monitors sentenced clients serving their time on electronic monitoring in lieu of jail. They are allowed to work or attend school allowing them to provide for their families, pay restitution and court costs, receive treatment and other programming, all while remaining accountable and impacting public safety. For unsentenced individuals, LCA provides pretrial monitoring with or without bail or as a condition of bail.


LCA provides monitoring of certain court and probation conditions:

  • Abstinence from alcohol and other substances

  • Attendance at treatment or other required programming

  • Curfews and stay away orders

When sentenced or pretrial individuals live out of the county where the offense occured, or are denied by the County Correctional Administrator, LCA provides services to these individuals at their expense in their county of residence, saving countless taxpayer dollars.

LCA’s Electronic Monitoring services include:

  • Home detention and curfew monitoring

  • GPS tracking

  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with SCRAM

  • Remote breath testing

  • Substance abuse testing

  • Case management

  • Out of county monitoring

  • SCRAM combined with curfew detection – for clients needing home detention and alcohol monitoring

Call us to discuss your client’s case. We provide acceptance letters, court appearances, consulting on alternative sentencing, and programs tailored to clients’ special needs.



When judges or court facilitators are making child custody or visitation orders or one party is accusing the other party of alcohol or other substance abuse, LCA provides:

  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with SCRAM

  • Remote Breath Testing

  • Substance Abuse Testing (oral swab)

  • GPS Tracking for stalking, domestic violence or cases with restraining orders

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with SCRAM

  • The best way to monitor serious alcohol abuse 24/7

  • Assess and support sobriety

  • Tamper resistant device, testing every 30 minutes

  • Court accepted and peer reviewed

  • Used nationally since 2003

Remote Alcohol Monitoring

  • FDA Approved

  • Real-time testing and alerts

  • Immediate text or email notification

  • Self-contained portable device

  • Scheduled and random testing

  • Photo ID Verification

  • Widely used by Family Courts

LCA’s Alcohol Monitoring services for family court include equipment, orientation, testing, equipment maintenance and reporting. Choose between two program options, depending on the severity of alcohol abuse: 

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