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Electronic Monitoring Services for Law Enforcement

LCA has partnered with Law Enforcement Agencies across California for over two decades. We offer fully customized solutions utilizing a myriad of tools as an objective and safe way to assist with release decisions.

LCA’s electronic monitoring programs include:

  • Home detention and curfew monitoring

  • GPS tracking

  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with SCRAM

  • Remote breath testing

  • Substance abuse testing

  • Case management

  • Out of county monitoring

LCA offers different levels of services based on needs including equipment only to equipment with comprehensive case management.

Whether a participant is serving a sentence or being released due to a population capacity, LCA’s comprehensive programs provide quality tracking and monitoring compliance in the community. LCA’s services may also be used to augment work furlough and work release programs.

All programs are developed to meet requirements, enabling participants to remain accountable and connected to valued social roles:

  • Keep their jobs

  • Support their families

  • Pay taxes

  • Make restitution

  • Pay court fines

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