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Employment Centers

For many years LCA has provided employment services to help justice involved individuals become gainfully employed. These services are provided in and out of custody. LCA’s program model provides a road map for participants to achieve their long-term goals of remaining in the workforce while maintaining their freedom. ​

During the intake process, basic employment, vocational and educational skills are assessed. Staff assist participants with developing short and long-term employment goals. LCA provides life skills, job readiness, barrier removal, vocational training, job placement and support and retention assistance.

Our comprehensive program utilizes the evidence-based curricula, seeking employment, recreation and leisure and taking care of my finance, which is delivered individually and in groups. Our training is designed to provide participants with a thorough approach to considering continuing their education, exploring types of employment, understanding the importance of life skills development, beginning a successful job search and ultimately finding and maintaining a job with career advancement opportunity.

Our long-term outcomes include improved opportunity for sustainable employment, employee benefits, checking and savings accounts and employment retention. This is a significant benefit to society in terms of reduced incarceration costs and a reduction in recidivism.

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