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Pretrial Monitoring 

LCA’s pretrial monitoring programs include CAM (continuous alcohol monitoring) with SCRAM, house arrest, GPS monitoring/tracking, drug testing, and case management. These programs can be effective in lieu of bail, to help lower bail amounts, and provide conditions of compliance that offer greater community safety and more accountability than simply releasing an individual on OR (own recognizance). Pretrial monitoring programs allow participants the opportunity to assist in their defense, continue working, provide for their families, while beginning to change their behavior and get on the road to success even before being sentenced.

A recent analysis of detainees in California awaiting adjudication shows approximately 62% of those in custody have not been sentenced. Protocol for releasing these individuals on O.R. (own recognizance) or bail is based on the offense, employment status, and whether or not the individuals have ties to the community so they are not deemed a flight risk.

Pretrial monitoring is effective in misdemeanors and felony cases. Time spent on these programs may provide credit for time served, depending on the case, at sentencing.

LCA has experience in designing and implementing pretrial programs including assessments and monitoring recommendations based on the offense. GPS tracking can be useful in monitoring stay away orders utilizing exclusion zones.

In the case of driving under the influence, participants can be placed on continuous alcohol monitoringׂ with SCRAM to enforce “no alcohol” conditions. If the participant is not drinking, they are also not drinking and driving.

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