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Employment Services Testimonials 


We informed him of the Subsidized Program which pays employers up to $6 an hour as an incentive for hiring LCA Participants. Juan took advantage of this opportunity and starting working at a local framing shop. While in the program he signed up and completed forklift certification, received assistance with bus passes, work clothes, and union dues. He was performed well, consistently showed up to work on time, and became an excellent asset to the company. Recently Juan made it to his 90 day retention mark and has completed successfully the program.

When Juan started the LCA Solano County employment program October 28, 2016 he was having a rough time as he was homeless. He never had a set schedule, working as a painter under the table, and was unable to work on rainy days. Juan had refused services a few times before coming in to work with LCA. This time he decided he wanted to be involved and started attending group sessions. One of the barriers for him was finding an employer that would hire him while on probation.


In August of 2016 Sarah sought help from her Probation officer to remove some of the barriers that she faced finding employment. We informed Sarah that once she completed the workbooks and began showing she was reliable and dedicated to the program LCA would assist her to get her Class B license. Sarah had perfect attendance. She shared stories about her life which had a positive impact on the group sessions.


 Once she completed the group sessions Sarah attended Michael’s Transportation’s program, and successfully obtained her Class B license on November 1, 2016. After graduating Sarah applied to SolTrans in Vallejo but needed her Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC) to be able to drive. With assistance from LCA Sarah received her TWIC card and has worked and hit the 90 day retention mark.   


David was referred as a juvenile client by his Probation Officer in late November. In the beginning David was unsocial, introverted and lacked confidence. After several sessions he mentioned he had been diagnosed with Asperger’s and upon learning this LCA was able to assist his needs.

When David joined the employment program he had just finished high school. He never had a job or any specialty training. With the help of LCA’s staff he completed the Employment & Life skills classes and participated in job search workshops. Every day he proved to the staff that he was serious about the program, arriving early, and actively participating while missing just one class due to illness.

After a dedicated job search David received a call from a popular fast food restaurant for an interview. He immediately asked for interview practice. After much practice over the weekend David became more confident in his giving his interview answers. Monday morning LCA received an excited phone call from David stating that he got the job and would be starting the next day. David has shown amazing growth by reaching his employment goals, gaining self-confidence and is socially more outgoing. David is constantly cracking jokes with staff and has a happier outlook due to his new-found independence.


Timothy was in custody while participating in the employment program. Before he could finish he was sent to prison for 4 months. Upon release in December 2016 Timothy came to probation to finish what he started. Timothy had a goal of becoming an iron worker and he stayed focused on that goal. He temporarily obtained employment with a company where he could work until he was accepted into the iron workers union.  Timothy even saved enough money to buy a car during this time.

In February Timothy began working with an iron worker’s company. LCA helped Timothy with his initiation fee, first month’s union dues, and a new pair of work boots-- everything needed to get to work.

When Timothy came with his first paystub he told us this was the highest paying job he ever had!  He also showed us a picture of him in his required uniform which was orange.  Timothy’s response to the picture was although he was through wearing orange, the color of jail clothing that he had to wear for so long, that at least the stripes were gone.  He definitely has a sense of humor. Timothy is still working, attending church  and other activities, continues to meet with his recovery support group, and checking in with LCA!

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