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Attorneys and Agents Testimonials 

I have worked with LCA for many years and highly recommend them. Not only do they provide excellent service to me and my clients, but they assist my clients in getting through the process, especially when I have a client with a unique situation…   I wish that LCA was providing services in San Bernardino County Courts."

Manuel J. Barba

DUI Defense Attorney, Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba

I have found Gislena Gonzalez and LCA to be very efficient and totally on “Top of Their Game”. I suggest them to every DUI client for which I am retained. The LCA program saves my clients time which saves them money. LCA has been able to assist my criminal clients from all area of California. I consider it an honor to give LCA my highest recommendation."

Dale S. Gribow


I have been practicing criminal defense since 1993. I have used the LCA house arrest and the alcohol monitoring programs for hundreds of cases. LCA has always given excellent service to my clients. LCA also has a great reputation with the Riverside County Judges."

Attorney Mark Cantrell

LCA has consistently provided excellent service and flexibility to my clients, even accomodating out of state clients.  They are the best!”

Rajan Maline, Attorney

Law Offices of Rajan Maline

Sometimes good people do bad things and wind up facing criminal charges.  LCA gives prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges the ability to manage, monitor and supervise a defendant without incarceration.  Defendants serving their sentences through LCA are more likely to stay employed and less likely to commit other crimes. LCA helps keep families together and gives defendants access to the support they need. I consider LCA is an essential component in resolving my most difficult cases.  Without LCA, more of my clients would either go to jail or feel forced to go to trial on an indefensible case.”

Randall Knox, Attorney

Law Offices of Randall Knox

we know probation works hard in testing our defendant’s but they cannot be the omnipresent watch service that the LCA SCRAM Device provides."

Brian Quigley

DPO Riverside county

On behalf of the many clients of mine you have assisted in their court-ordered monitoring programs, I want to thank you for your truly professional, kind, and caring approach to a most difficult time in their lives.  You have always found the right balance between carrying out the Court's orders and understanding the client's needs.  It is always a real pleasure to work with you."

Steve Harmon


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