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GPS Tracking

LCA offers other GPS tracking services using Omnilink Focalpoint. The platforms provides innovative, real-time Electronic Monitoring (EM) and tracking solutions for criminal justice agencies. The GPS offender tracking system is based on Omnilink Focalpoint cloud-based software and includes the OM500 bracelet. 

Omnilink - OM500


OM500 leverages GPS technology to provide the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform.


  • GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi location tracking

  • 24+ Hour Battery Life

  • Supports GSM, CDMA

  • Calendar management

  • Persistent participant term notifications and reminders

  • Monitors Location 24/7

  • Gathers points every 1 min. & communicates every 30 min.



FocalPoint is Omnilink's cloud-based software designed to deliver

the information you need when and where you need it. You can quickly navigate through the intuitive interface to set schedules, generate reports, review tracking information and run your program efficiently and effectively. 


  • Fast and highly secure, designed for public safety performance

  • Advanced tracking capabilities and smart routes

  • Integrated monitoring center

  • Optimized mobile interface

  • Flexible reporting and analytics

  • Unparalleled integration and customization ability

  • Browser agnostic

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